Caribbean Cup 2013

  • Caribbean Cup Day Two: A National Record for Walid Boudhiaf

    Walid Boudhiaf is a man of many nations. Progeny of a French mother and a Tunisian father, Walid now lives in South America and is currently making Roatán, the largest of Honduras‘ Bay Islands his home during the inaugural Caribbean Cup freediving competition. Day Two of the #CaribCup2013 proved to be a good day for Walid as he nabbed a new national title for Tunisia […]

  • Freediving Records Set on Day One of Carib Cup 2013

    On the very first day of the Caribbean Cup 2013 four national freediving records were set including a very solid performance by Ryuzo Shinomiya of Japan. Despite the swell and choppy conditions Shinomiyasurfaced from 56m no-fins dive to receive a white card and a new Japanese title on May 23rd. Original Article by Deeper Blue

  • Getting Underway: Caribbean Cup 2013

    It’s official! The training for the Caribbean Cup 2013 has begun. Freedivers from around the world have joined event organizers Walid Boudhiaf and Esteban Darhanpe on Roatán to see who can dive the deepest at this inaugural international freediving cup for the island. The competition starts May 20th but for now readers can watch the video below to get a taste for […]

  • Under the Sea: Human and Shark Peacefully Coexist

    Since becoming an underwater photographer about five years ago, I have mainly been focused on that which you typically encounter while scuba diving: reef, fish, etc. The human element almost always presents itself with a tank strapped on the back, a light in the hand for reference, and a regulator in the mouth for breathing. […]

  • Prawno Apparel.

    In May we sponsored the first Caribbean Freediving Cup in Roatán, Honduras.  The competition included a gathering of athletes from around the world who came to test their breath holding skills, to train, and to set new records for themselves and for their nations. View more..

  • This place is a dive.

    Two men sipping coffee at a table while sharks circle – these incredible images look like they were conjured up on a computer. But they’re real photos taken at the bottom of the ocean, by underwater photographer Lia Barrett. View more..

  • The First American to 100 Meters: Nicholas Mevoli.

    Today Nicholas Mevoli of Brooklyn made American history at the Caribbean Cup in Roatán. On this fourth day of the competition Mevoli successfully completed a dive down to 100 meters under constant ballast, on a single breath, and returned to the surface to be greeted by a white card from the AIDA judges and his third national record. View more…